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We offer Team Building events for NFT creation: 

Our "ARTCADEMY" offers an innovative, exciting & immersive experience into the NFT creation process. Our interactive and really fun workshop on NFTs commences with an introduction to the concept of Blockchain technology , NFTs, and presentation of several examples. Subsequently, we cover the topic of digital wallets, followed by an explanation of NFT minting.

At this session, participants will have an opportunity to create their own artwork, which will be digitized, minted into NFTs, and showcased in our 3D metaverse gallery. This workshop (half day) is proving extremely popular with our corporate clients and is something to consider as a bigger teambuilding event. You can read further here:

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At Artjamming we have a passion for supporting Artists. We also have a passion for positive disruption! We have evolved into one of the leading NFT spaces in Africa with our wealth of knowledge and experience.


Without getting into too many of the boring details, we are a tech strong team who have experience in Web3.0 & NFTs.

We also understand ARTISTS.  We facilitate the tech and funding of the NFT process and get you to the market. Basically we want YOUR art to sell, while you let us take care of the back-end stuff.

Visit our Virtual Gallery or purchase from our NFT Collection on OPENSEA

For more info you can see our simple video here